Perseo Glass & Walnut Dining Table

A classical dining table where glass and wood help and enhance each other. The structure’s constructive lines become visible thanks to the crystal’s transparency, while the wood reminds us of architectural memories and supports the product’s qualified versatility within its surroundings. Available in other size and finishes. Designed by Paolo Grasselli

  • Availability: Made to order
  • Brand: Tonelli Design
  • Designer:  Paolo Grasselli
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Material: Glass, walnut wood 
  • Sizes:
    Ø110 x h 75 cm
    Ø120 x h 75 cm
    Ø130 x h 75 cm
    Ø140 x h 75 cm

To purchase, please call (310) 734.7492
or e-mail


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