Las Palmas Floor Lamp

La Lollo is a tribute to the roaring 50’s; the wall lamp is available in 5 finishes, with sophisticated gradient chromatic, metallization, lace patterns and geometric designs that adorn varying spaces with the same versatility as jewelry on a woman’s body. Slamp’s unique, exclusive techno-polymers shine like glass, but are unbreakable, and the wall lamp has two light sources (in both cool and warm versions, depending on the selected bulb). A single lamp is ample enough for domestic illumination, and when multiplied, perfect for larger hospitality projects. La Lollo Applique is part of a collection that includes suspensions of various sizes.

  • Brand: Slamp
  • Designer: Jonas Clementoni
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Material: Lentiflex / Cristalflex Opalflex
  • Dimensions: Length: 14 ", Width: 12 ", Heigth: 60 "
  • Available in showroom

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