LaFleur lamp

Marc Sadler was driven by the desire to move beyond the known and find a new compositional language while shaping Slamp’s techno polymers. The delicate, delectable, and rechargeable Lafleur battery-powered table lamp is formed by heating Lentiflex® at a controlled temperature and then hand-molding it to create the blossom. The lamp has a magnetic base and comes with a complimentary metal anchor, fit to go under a tablecloth for a whimsical mise-en-place, or screwed into the wall, turning Lafleur into an appliqué.

  • Brand: Slamp
  • Designer: Marc Sadler
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Material: Lentiflex
  • Dimensionsø 5 3/4 ", Height: 10 "
  • Available in showroom

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