Il Pezzo Mancante

Gold Brass Chandelier with Crystal LEDs

Inspired by Arabic calligraphic art and the icon of the classical candelabrum, this chandelier is made of a hand forged brass structure and elegant “candles” crafted from the clearest solid crystal. The candles are illuminated using the latest LED technology, creating a sophisticated and romantic light. Each lamp is numbered and hides its own identity stamp that seals and guarantees the authenticity and uniqueness.

  • Price: $15,120
  • Availability: Made to order
  • Brand: Il Pezzo Mancante
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Material: Crystal
  • Dimensions: L 59" x W 14" x H 23" ( Standard overall height is 53")

To purchase, please call (310) 734.7492
or e-mail


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