Stefania Boemi

Ceci White & Gold Terracotta Vase

A poetic ode to traditional craftsmanship and modern sensibility, this anthropomorphic vase of a Sicilian woman evokes the grandeur of the Moorish conquest in Sicily. Entirely handcrafted by master ceramicist Stefania Boemi, this vase boasts an expressive visage marked by an ornate headdress, pendant earrings, full lips, and luscious locks of hair intertwined with Sicilian fruits. The right eye features a gold foil band running vertically down the face, a captivating detail that emphasizes the beauty of the woman's gaze.

  • Brand: Stefania Boemi
  • Designer: Stefania Boemi
  • Made in Italy
  • Material: Terracotta
  • Dimensions: Diam 8" x H 10"

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