Il Pezzo Mancante

Walnut Console with Gold-Plated Brass Legs

Walnut console with gold-plated brass legs This console shows off its embossed wood giving it a medieval taste, the wood shows infinite shades and colors; it invites us to stroke these rounded surfaces, finely smoothed and ripe with the smell of essential oils, giving a real celebration of senses. Encased in the structure, delicate drapes for the cast brass handles and, to hold all of this up, with grace and prettiness, a multitude of sparkling legs. A small brass cylinder inserted in every piece, containing serial number, seals the authenticity and uniqueness.

  • Price: $11,100
  • Availability: In stock in Los Angeles
  • Brand: Il Pezzo Mancante
  • Designer: Barbara Bertocci & Cosimo Terzani
  • Made in Italy
  • Material: Brass, Walnut
  • Dimensions: L 65" x W 18" x H 35"

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