Black and Gold Ash Wood Marble Dining Table

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A sparkling forest of legs support a majestic block of marble. Il Pezzo 8 is a collection of color, shape and materials you can loose yourself in. It is romantic, sinuous and light and at the same time solid, rich and imposing. The tabletop is made of a thin slab, or two mirrored slab, of polished Marquina marble; the legs are made of casting, in black and gold finishes. A small brass cylinder inserted in every piece, containing serial number, seals the authenticity and uniqueness. Available in custom sizes and finishes.

  • Ships from Los Angeles, CA
  • Brand: Il Pezzo Mancante
  • Designer: Barbara Bertocci & Cosimo Terzani
  • Made in Italy
  • Material: Polished Marquina marble
  • Dimensions: L 118" x H 40"

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